CQE型磁力驅動石油化工流程泵 CQE Magnetic Driven Petrochemical Process Pump
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CQE pump is a single stage, single suction horizontal magnetic drive petrochemical process pump. It has been designed and manufactured by referencing API685 and other relevant standards. It features full sealing, no leakage, no pollution, high reliability, good cavitation performance, good versatility and interchangeability of parts, high structural safety and reliability, and stable operation etc. It can be widely used for petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry, metallurgy, and electric power industry etc.

CQE pump is driven by coupled internal and external magnetic rotors. An isolation sleeve seals the internal magnetic rotor inside the pump cavity. Magnetic drive technology has been used, solving the difficult problem of conveying inflammable, explosive, toxic, harmful, rare, and noble fluids in petrochemical flow path.

This product is applicable to conveying clean or slightly contaminated media not containing solid particles.

Except ferromagnetic particles can be effectively removed, use of this product to convey liquid containing ferromagnetic material shall be avoided.

結構說明 Description of structure






6. 因結晶、汽化等工況需要時,可帶冷卻或保溫夾套。










1. This series pumps are all single stage, single suction, horizontal cantilever centrifugal pumps.

2. These pumps adopt axial horizontal suction and radial vertical discharge.

3. Pump body adopts volute type, radial splitting, and horizontal central support.

4. The impeller is an integral casting, complete with rear seal ring and balance hole to balance axial force.

5. Eddy flow heat and friction heat generated in the pump is taken away by various circulation modes, e.g. pumped process liquid self-circulation and forced circulation of externally connected liquid, to satisfy conveying of media under different operating conditions.

6. Cooling or thermal insulation jacket can be provided if required by operating condition such as crystallization or evaporation.

7. Optimized rigid shaft structural design provides better deflection index, further reducing pump vibration.

8. Internal sliding bearing adopts thick, heavy duty, strong thrust ceramic bearing, and high purity, high wear resistance silicon carbide material, thus allowing long service life.

9. Both internal and external magnetic rotors adopt fully sealed structure, thus preventing pump magnet corrosion in corrosive environment and deterioration of magnetism.

10. Roller bearing is lubricated by oil, with the oil level controlled by both oil gauge and oil cup. This oil cup can automatically compensate the oil level.

11. Lengthened flexible membrane type coupling is adopted. For maintenance, parts such as impeller and shaft etc. can be removed without dismantling the suction pipeline or discharge pipeline.

12. Bearing and pump supports are cooled according to operating condition, with cooling water pipeline layout meeting API682 code.

13. The pump and the motor are installed on the same pedestal.

14. Flange standard may be ANSI, HG/T20615, or HG/T20592.

15. ordinary motor, explosionproof motor, DC motor, or permanent magnet motor etc. can be used.

性能范圍Scope of performance

流量Flow    5.5~800m3/h

揚程Head    4.5~200m

工作溫度 Temperature    -45℃~+400℃

標準轉速Standard rotation speed (n): 2900r/min, 1475r/min

法蘭壓力等級Flange pressure rating: 4.0~5.0MPa

型號意義 Meaning of model


CQE型譜圖  Spectrum of Model CQE

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